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Solar Battery Systems

Don’t Be Powerless!

Solar Battery Systems - Energy That’s There When You Need It.

Storms, Hail, Blackouts, Floods - having to live in Sydney we’re all very familiar with natural disasters. Our aging electrical grid is more vulnerable than ever before. Don’t get left in the dark - setup your Solar Battery System now.

How Solar Battery System Works

Excess energy from your solar panels and inverters that isn’t immediately used to power the home can be stored in the battery modules. This stored power can help you provide the necessary energy consumption support without external supply.

Use our Solar Battery System to more intelligently allocate the daytime solar power generation. To keep the lights on at night and food fresh in the refrigerator is more than a luxury. It represents safety, freedom and control.

Solar panels produce power for use in the home.

Excess energy produced charges home battery.

Energy stored in battery used to power the home at night or during power outage.

If you find yourself in the following situations, you may consider solar batteries:

✓ Frequent power outages in the area

✓ 24-hour fish tanks, refrigerating chambers, modem routers

✓ Life support equipment, critical medical equipment,

✓ High-power electric water heaters, cooking devices

✓ Costly electricity bill

✓ Off-grid solar system, power supply

✓ Electric vehicle charging

Our Solar Battery Systems

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We’re a fully licensed solar battery installation company. From installation, commissioning, parameter setup, and finally to monitoring and battery communication, we know exactly what we are doing.

Whether you are interested in the DC battery system that we recommend, or decide to choose an AC battery, we can help out.

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